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3-4 servings

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Defend against stress. Enhance clarity. 
Boost energy & mood. 

Imagine you start your day with a smooth cup or few of coffee, and now you're ready to switch over to something more hydrating.

What if your next beverage is the most nourishing thing you consume all day?

And not only that, what if it helps support your body from the effects of caffeine?

Loaded with adaptogens—herbs that help your body adapt to stress—Rasa Koffee is a nutritious brew bursting with active herbal ingredients to help you feel your best.

It's energizing, but you can drink it in the afternoon and still get a great night's sleep—especially with the adrenal nourishment Rasa Koffee can offer.

Our herbal Koffee helps you to feel lifted and happy, yet grounded and calm. Ready to take on whatever life throws at you.

Yeah, but how does it taste? In a recent blind taste test, Rasa Koffee was the favorite compared to 5 other coffee alternatives, and was described by different participants as:

"Dark, Yummy, Rich, Potent, Smooth, Earthy, "Coffee-like", Herby, Nutty, Healthy, and YAY!"

Ground Rasa Koffee is pre-ground for your convenience, and is faster to brew than Whole Rasa Koffee. Just steep in a French press 10+ mins. For optimal benefit, use the longest possible steep time.

Whole Rasa Koffee takes longer to brew than Ground Rasa Koffee, but: you can brew it twice to double your value! Just simmer for 15+ mins (the longer, the better!), strain, enjoy...and simmer the same herbs again!

Delicious hot or cold, with milk or dairy-free alternatives, Bulletproofed, or brewed with coffee.
Roasted chicory root, chaga*, eleuthero, shatavari, dandelion root, he shou wu (aka fo ti), codonopsis, burdock root, ashwagandha, rhodiola, cinnamon, red reishi 
*sustainably wildcrafted. All other herbs are organic.