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Hi, I'm Lopa. I've had my fair share of health issues which have inspired me on a quest for health. An eating disorder, hypothyroidism and adrenal fatigue, serious back injuries, digestive's enough to really make one go looking! This journey has led me to Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine, adaptogens, yoga, and other alternative therapies, as well as working with some fantastic integrative medicine practitioners. I never knew quite where it would all take me, though...

After I had my son two years ago, I found myself craving something dark, roasty, and delicious withHi, I'm Lopa! cream in the mornings...but I didn't want to caffeinate my little guy.  I began experimenting with coffee alternatives, throwing in some Ayurvedic and adaptogenic herbs that I'd come to know over the years. I started to see an opportunity here...

Meanwhile, my dear friend Jamie and I were stewing up some creative collaboration. She was a long-term herbalist—way more experienced than my herbal dabbling—and together we birthed the idea of Rasa Koffee.

Jamie went to work crafting a formula, drawing on a blend of herbs she'd concocted for blood sugar balance and had been consuming regularly. She pulled together some of her favorite herbs from Western herbalism, Chinese Medicine, and Ayurveda into one seriously delicious brew that she tested on some coffee-lovers at Thanksgiving dinner, and...Rasa Koffee was born! 




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