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Adaptogens are an amazing class of superherbs that help your body defend against stress. Because your body is less taxed from fighting stress, adaptogens effectively give your own energy back to you. 

Many adaptogens survive—and indeed thrive—in extreme climates and terrains. They have learned how to grow in stressful environments, and by consuming them on a daily basis, you are infusing yourself with some of their resilience.

Adaptogens work systemically in the body to help balance, restore, and protect. In order to qualify as an adaptogen, an herb must be: 

  • nontoxic;
  • nonspecific (meaning it works holistically in the body);
  • and have a normalizing effect on the body, helping it to maintain homeostasis.
The herbs in Rasa Koffee are an all-star cast from Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Western Herbalism: three of the most well-developed systems of herbalism in the world, with wisdom that stretches back millennia. 
With Rasa Koffee™ we infuse your daily ritual moments with thoughtful ingredients, replacing (or mitigating) the effects of caffeine with the nurturing benefits of our adaptogenic herbal blend.
These herbs were thoughtfully selected to create a flavorful herbal coffee that surpasses the effects of ordinary coffee, with the capacity to naturally boost energy, super-charge your immune system and enhance mental clarity.

Ashwagandha (root)

Calming adaptogen, nervous system tonic, aphrodisiac

Burdock (root)
Cleanses lymph, vitalizes all organs
of elimination, nourishes skin

 Chaga (mushroom*)

ntioxidant, energizing, healthy
inflammation response, immune-
strengthening adaptogen
* technically a polypore, but that's
another story


Chicory (root)

Aids fat digestion; supports bowel
regularity and healthy digestion


Cinnamon (bark): stimulates circulation, supports digestion, soothes muscle aches

Codonopsis (root):
nourishing & strengthening energizing adaptogen; helps build blood
Dandelion (root):
bitter digestive aid; gently cleanses liver, gall bladder, & kidneys
Siberian Ginseng
Eleuthero root):
stimulating energy tonic adaptogen; restorative to nervous system & adrenals 
He Shou Wu
He Shou Wu (root):
rejuvenating adaptogen; encourages sharp cognition; restores vital reserve
Reishi (mushroom):
longevity tonic adaptogen; supports immune health; calms mind, nerves, & spirit
Rhodiola (root):
stimulating adaptogen; boosts mood, brainpower, endurance, & stamina
Shatavari (shatavari):
nourishing, replenishing adaptogen; balances emotions, calms irritability

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