Get our leading Ground and Whole Rasa Koffee at competitive wholesale prices per case (12 packs).


• coffee shops • restaurants • health food stores • boutiques • yoga studios • 
• Ayurvedic health practitioners • Chinese medicine practitioners •
• Functional & Integrative medicine practitioners • 

Rasa Koffee™ was expertly crafted by an experienced and passionate herbalist
with a specific eye toward offering a natural herbal Koffee experience
that would be not only energizing without caffeine, but
deeply nourishing, adrenal-supporting, and health-enhancing to drink daily.

Both Rasa WHOLE and Rasa GROUND bring the same 12 all-star adaptogenic herbs 
from the time-honored traditions of Ayurveda, Chinese medicine, and Western herbalism 
to create a dark, roasty, flavorful, nutritious brew with a hint of cinnamon 
that you and your clients can savor all day long.