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Rasa Koffee Rasa Koffee Rasa Koffee

Enjoy Calm Energy Enhance Mental Clarity Boost Stress Resilience Be More Awesome with a daily cup of our delicious adaptogenic herbal coffee alternative.

Coffee is a Ritual.

You drink it because…

  • It tastes like hopes and dreams
  • Working with your eyes closed is hard
  • Other people want to talk to you in the morning

Most of all, there’s something soothing about that warm cup of java when you wake up. But frequent coffee consumption can contribute to anxiety, adrenal fatigue, and/or stomach upset, among other possible side effects.

Whether you want to enjoy stable energy, beat the afternoon slump, or make it through Monday without causing a scene, there is a solution.

Calm energy,
Mental clarity &
Stress resilience.

Herbalists in China and India discovered the answer more than 5,000 years ago.

Using special combinations of adaptogens — herbs that help your body adapt to stress — these ancient masters cracked the code on stable energy without side effects.

We’ve taken inspiration from these ancient traditions to create Rasa Koffee, the only herbal coffee alternative that offers functional benefits, drawing on Indian, Chinese, & Western herbal wisdom.

Learn more about the Rasa herbs! Our ingredients are:

codonopsiscodonopsis reishireishi rhodiolarhodiola ashwagandhaashwagandha dandelion rootdandelion root he-shou-wuhe-shou-wu chagachaga burdock rootburdock root eleutheroeleuthero chicory rootchicory root cinnamoncinnamon shatavarishatavari
Rasa Koffee Rasa Koffee Rasa Koffee

Rasa contains no gluten, no caffeine, no sugar, no coffee.

Instead, it’s packed with great-tasting herbs that provide lasting energy, nourishing your adrenals rather than taxing them.

You can enjoy Rasa Koffee on its own, mixed with your morning coffee, or brewed into a delicious adaptogenic latte.

It’ll even help you remember to put on pants in the morning, just like traditional coffee. 🙌🏻

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